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Delicate foam for deep, long-lasting cleaning of absorbent materials. Its innovative ingredients penetrate deeply into fibers to remove dirt and stains.
OROLUCE CLEANER is water-based, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and propellant-free, and is thus suitable for use indoors. It features a woody, floral perfume with notes of orange blossom, sandalwood, and Tahitian vanilla. 
The bottle meets airline carry-on baggage standards. 
One 70-ml bottle will treat an average 
of 35 pairs of shoes.

Shake before using. Test on an inconspicuous part before treating the entire article. Moisten brush with lukewarm water and Oroluce Cleaner, apply to surface and work up a dense lather. Wipe and dry with a clean cloth. Repeat if necessary. Let dry at least 24 hours. 
Store at room temperature. 

Suitable for all absorbent materials, both natural and synthetic: shoes, boots, handbags, purses, wallets, clothing, coats, jackets, ties, gloves, upholstery and other furnishing fabrics.

Cod. 291000062 – 60 ml.
Cod. 291000060 – 70 ml.

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